Welcome to Lopatka.com!  Lopatka.com has been around since October 1995.  While you will find a little information about our family, this site is mostly about pictures. You will find thousands of them.

Welcome to Lopatka.com! Lopatka.com has been around since October 1995. It has had many changes and updates. This site was completely rewritten and complete Septemeber 2011, and published July 4, 2012.

My name is Mark Lopatka and I was born, grew up, and still live in and around Chicago. I did live in Columbus, Ohio for about four years in the late eighties, but I’m back.

Sylvia and I got married in early 2007 and had a daughter in the spring of 2008. Many pictures on this site are of Sylvia and our daughter.

Of course, there is my sister and her three sons. Many pictures are of my three nephews, who are really part of my family. Danny, the oldest hosts his own website at www.4smiths.com that you can view.

Finally, my uncle Greg has his own site on my servers as well. His site is www.lopatka.net and has a lot of information about hockey, astronomy, cars, weather, and many many other odds and ends.

Please feel free to contact me, as I love to hear from people I haven't talked to in years! - Mark Lopatka

lopatkanetlogoVisit My Uncle Greg's Site

While you are out and about, visit my uncle Greg's site www.lopatka.net

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As a hobby, I write iPhone and iPad software available at Apple's iTunes store. Go to wordguess.net for more information

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Be sure to visit photos.lopatka.com where you will find all the Lopatka photos on line from ALL of us!

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